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    • Die&Mould China 2021 (DMC  2021)will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center
      (Hongqiao,Shanghai)on June 29th to July 2nd in 2021.
       We are now undergoing great changes with new technical revolution and industry reform in ascendant. China manufacturing industry is facing big opportunities and challenges brought by the world market and changes caused by COVID-19. DMC 2021, with the topic “Inheritance & Reform, Creating A New Development Pattern”, aims to promoting both domestic & global economy cycling according to the 14th five year plan and build a big platform focusing on  Die & Mould and equipment for technology and trading, accelerating the forming of industrial ecosystem, stabilizing the industry chain and improving the benefits for the hole manufacturing industry. DMC 2021, as a leader in manufacturing exhibition, is now breaking new ground.
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